About Us

Julia is an award-winning, published writer and photographer and loves to shoot a gun as much as she does a camera. This Mom of three boys can also lay out a pretty smooth rhythm on the drums. She's an energetic, fun photographer who takes great pleasure in flashing people. ;)

Julia first studied photography in college (when you developed your own images in a darkroom and Motofoto was a household name). She fell in love with her camera again when the marriage between digital and technology was full swing and she discovered the amazing super powers of pixels and Photoshop. Life would never be the same. There were no longer any limits to what you could create and she's been on a creative binge ever since.

Her Deets:

Favorite treat: Toffee and caramel

Starts every morning with: 20 ounces of Brain Octane Coffee

Favorite sports team: Washington Redskins

Childhood Heroes: Amelia Earhart

Favorite Superhero: Wonder Woman

TV favorites: Gilmore Girls, Parenthood, Blacklist, The Apprentice and White Collar

Interesting facts: I was State Champion in the discus in high school. I wrote greeting cards for a period of time, have driven charter buses, sold classic arcade games, and can shoot a can off a fence post at 30 yards.

Favorite music: 70's and 80's brings back some great memories, so I'm always game to sing-along to these classic tunes (even if it's off-key).

Last item marked off her bucketlist: Watch the sun set from on top of a mountain.


August Photography specializes in environmental portrait services. We love sunsets, grungy buildings, moody clouds, deserted roads, and any view that makes you stop and say, "Wow." The odd, interesting, stunning, beautiful and colorful are all ingredients we toss in our private and group photo adventures and Julia isn't afraid to climb, dive, jump or crawl to make it happen.

There's a reason they call us the "Enemy of Ordinary" and when you schedule your picture session you can be assured you're never booking boring. We offer local and destination services for High School Seniors and family photo shoots and are ready to jump off the grid. Let's go!