• Underwater Senior Sessions

    Talk about unique pictures. These Seniors rocked their underwater sessions and we had SO MUCH FUN!

  • What Will Your Senior Session Be Like?

    Find out why they call us the "Enemy of Ordinary."

  • BHS 2015 Models | Brandon & Mikaela

    We had some cool props for this super-fun model session. It included smoke bombs, sparklers, motorcycles and ice cream. Does it get any better?

  • Lexi at Mission Bay in San Diego, CA

    A fun session with the gorgeous Lexi at a few choice locations in San Diego. She was a fabulous model!

  • Brianna | Yukon High School

    I love her Brianna's personality, passion and drive. She's a strong-willed woman ready to make a difference in this world. Go Brianna!

  • Mikaela | Bethany High School Senior

    This session was hardcore. From an abandoned drive-in to a pool shoot, we ran hard and fast to capture these amazing images of Mikaela.

  • Kara | Mustang High School

    Quartz Mountain. Amazing scenery made this the perfect backdrop for Kara's session, right down to the sunset on top of the mountain. We had a blast!

  • Blake | Bethany High School

    Fun guy! Blake is a great soccer player so it was only fitting to start on the field. We wrapped up for a beautiful sunset at Lake Hefner.

  • Travis | Del City High School

    Dream session! Best props ever! Cool cars, graffiti, motorcycles, atvs and guns!

  • Trenton | Bethany High School

    Had a lot of fun with Trent. We found some cool old cars and landed at the farm just before sunset to cap off a great Senior session.

  • NPC Oklahoma | 2014

    A collection of images from the 2014 NPC Oklahoma Bodybuilding and Bikini competitions.

  • The Webers & Robinsons

    A super-fun group that enjoys each other's company. That says so much. Shot these at Lake Overholser.

  • Kayla | Mustang High School Senior

    Kayla is a bubbly, kind-hearted soul. Her Senior session reflected that sincerity and we had fun! Found some cool alley's too!

  • Jayden | Mustang High School

    Super-fun session with this guy! Studio images and location shoot on a farm with his heart-throb, Savannah.

  • Savannah | Mustang High School Model

    Savannah rocked every location, from studio to lake to a sudden sunset shoot at the golf course. You'd never know. :)

  • Randi | Mustang High School Senior Session

    From the backroads of Mustang to the waterfalls of Gaillardia, Randi's session was filled with variety and fun!

  • Sarah | Mustang High School

    Sarah's session was a dash through downtown, running the shores of the Boathouse district with a sunset finale at the highest point we could reach.

  • Chasen | Noble High School

    Chasen was a fun guy to work with. We started in studio then captured some amazing portraits on the farm.

  • Jacob | Bethany High School

    Jacob rocked this sunset session. A quick one to take care of yearbook pics, we knocked 'em out before the sun hit the horizon.

  • Megan | Bethany High School

    You'll see a variety of locations on Megan's shoot. Studio, mini-forest, a lush field, the High School and the lake. Whew! What a session!

  • Tayloure | Mustang High School

    Beautiful Tayloure's session included fields and horses, her Indian gear and various locations around Yukon, Oklahoma. This lady will go far.

  • Wyatt | Tuttle High School

    We landed great locations for Wyatt's session. Trains, abandoned buildings, alleys in Bricktown and a sunset session at Lake Hefner. He was awesome!

  • Kara | Mustang High School Model

    These amazing images touch lightly on Kara's amazing beauty and extreme talent. Football field, back roads and mini-forest were the backgrounds.

  • Mikaela | Bethany High School

    Mikaela is a "take the bull by the horns" kind of girl. Love her strength and beauty. The perfect mix.

  • Brandon | Bethany High School

    This guy looks like a young Elvis. Super fun! Overholser, a deserted drive-in theater, ball fields, & the pool for some underwater shots.

  • Jake | Washington High School

    Totally crazy guy and a super-fun session. From Paseo to an amazing blue sunset at Lake Hefner. SO FUN!

  • Looking for Something Different?

    Donned the "Enemy of Ordinary," for a reason, August Photography is determined to deliver different in a way that fits you perfectly.

  • Hannah Leigh | Bethany High School

    This girl has got it going on! A vibrant, beautiful blonde with a smile that makes the boys' hearts melt. So much fun!

  • Lauren | Southmoore High School

    A talented and beautiful young lady. We started at the field then to take pics with the horse. Ended the night in the field as the sun settled.

  • Sam | Bethany High School 2015

    Sam is a gentle giant. We hit the ball field, the dried up river and finished off at a barn off the road. Love this guy!

  • Kody | Tecumseh High School

    Kody loves adventure. He was willing to go anywhere we could. The only reason we stopped is because we ran out of daylight. My kind of session.

  • Harley | Mustang High School

    A beautiful dancer. We had amazing props and locations to work with on Harley's shoot. What a beautiful young lady! Loved every minute!

  • Shiuih | Mustang High School

    We had fun running around Myriad Gardens. Ended on a farm in Yukon, shooting past dark to capture some fun car shots.

  • Amanda | UCO

    We stayed on campus for Amanda's college Senior session. This young lady is entering the nursing field. Proud to know her!

  • Matt & Shelby | Engagment

    What a wonderful couple. We shot this at a private garden in northeast Edmond and wandered to the fair afterwards.

  • Noah | Mustang High School

    A quiet guy, Noah is an awesome ball player. We started his session on the court and wrapped up at the Farmers Market.